The Center for the Study and Treatment of Diseases of Behavior (CEYTEC) was founded in 2007. Its main purpose is to approach the study and practice of psychology from a suitable anthropology and a realistic perspective.


Ten years ago it was the initiative of young professionals and students of psychology and related careers to seek a solid formation in an adequate anthropology and in the study of psychology from a realistic and classical perspective.

The Foundation currently has a research group that is in charge of the study and approach of diverse pathological manifestations based on a realistic anthropology with a study and raking of constant and updated field. This is done through weekly study and research meetings, as well as workshops, conferences and lectures. Currently a course is being given on the basis of realistic psychology, with a weekly class and face-to-face, aimed at young students. In addition, the training cycle is carried out for the professionals who make up the Foundation’s staff.


In addition, within the core activities of the institution, the foundation has been in charge since 2010 of holding psychology congresses for all southern Mendoza, having been recognized by the Honorable Council as an activity of departmental interest, being pioneers in carrying out This type of activities in the region. For the accomplishment of these events we invited outstanding personalities in the subject at the end of the congress, having counted with the participation of professionals of vast experience who work in great organizations inside as well as outside of Argentina, promoting human, scientific and Christian values ​​as the Which CEYTEC intends.

He has organized the “Training Days on Homosexuality” held at the University of Mendoza in 2009. He has also organized the “I° Southern Mendoza Psychology Congress” in April 2010 at the National University of Cuyo. As well as the II Congress of Psychology of the South Mendocino in 2011. In 2012 the III Congress of Psychology of the south of Mendoza. And the IV Congress of Psychology of the Southern Mendoza in the year 2015. With these open activities it has managed to reach an average audience of two hundred and fifty per meeting.


This activity has had a great impact on realistic psychology not only within Argentina but outside it, it is for this reason that psychologists and other mental health professionals from different regions have echoed our interests, in order to Both of offering training or nurturing of the study in psychopathology and treatment.


In addition he has conducted research seminars: In 2007 on “Freud in P. Castellani”. In 2009 on “The crisis of paternity”. In 2011, the theme was “The psychological sequels of abortion”. In 2014 research has been done on “Anxiety Disorders”.


Also in the Ceytec are realized recreational and cultural activities, formative trips and pilgrimages in order to achieve an integral formation of the young professionals and future professionals.